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Healthcare Heroes

Join us in congratulating the 2018 VAHPAG Healthcare Hero Award! We are honored to have these amazingly committed healthcare providers in our community.

dr. dich nguyen
vahpag healthcare hero



An individual, institution, professional, student, volunteer or program, who, through their individual or collective actions have made an extraordinary impact in the health care community. The nominee might be working in one of the following fields: bio- medical, community health, education, private practice, government, public service or the news media.


Their acts of heroism represent a display of dedication to excellence in their area of expertise beyond the scope of their jobs. Through their commitment to their profession and community, they serve as an inspiration to others in an effort to improve the quality of health care and discover new ways to assist those in need. Nominations must be received by 5:00 p.m., August 15, 2019 to be eligible for the award.